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Lila Horovitz


Lila Horovitz is an Argentine bassist (both upright and electric), composer and arranger who graduated from the EMPA with a focus on Argentinian Tango and Folklore.


Her professional career both as a soloist and an accompanist of important figures has led to her participation in most of the International Tango Festivals from 1996 onward (Finland, France, Germany, USA, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Holland, Uruguay, and Argentina).

She has worked with important figures of the tango scene such as renowned singer Susana Rinaldi, forming part of her quintet between 1999 and 2004 and recording on her last three albums.

She was a pioneer of the young tango movement of the 90s with the group Tangata Rea, with which she recorded for the prestigious German label, Winter & Winter.


Her first solo album "Prelude of the First Day," principally comprising original compositions, features double bass solo pieces and duets with artists such as Walter Ríos, Susana Rinaldi, and Juan Esteban Cuacci. The album received excellent reviews from musical publications, leading to an invitation to perform at the International Double Bass Convention (ISB) in Pennsylvania, USA in 2009, made possible by a sponsorship from the string brand "Thomastik-Infeld." 

She was also included in the 2009 ISB Calendar of the 12 most outstanding double bass players of the year.


Her work within the genre of tango on her instrument is highlighted in books of study such as "The Contrabass Throughout History" by Federico Javier Almenara and "Jewish Tango" by Julio Nudler, published by Sudamericana, 1998. She frequently runs tango workshops for music students and professional musicians in Europe and the USA.



As a composer, Horovitz has made an important contribution to the double bass repertoire. Her compositions are already being studied 

in schools and conservatories in Argentina, the USA and Spain, and have been performed by bassist greats such as Gary Karr (USA), 

Irena Olkiewicz (Poland) and the Buenos Aires Tango Orchestra, among others.


Since 2013 she has been the creator, producer, and performer of 

"The Funamviolistas," a musical theater company which won the 

2014 Max Award along with 7 other international prizes, and has given over 300 performances in Spain, Europe, and South America.


In 2019 he joined the prestigious company Cirque du Soleil, providing tango arrangements for one of the themes of the show and playing electric bass, double bass, synthesizer, ukelele and participating in the scene.


She is the bassist of "Astor, the music of Astor Piazzolla", a quintet that plays the music of the great Argentine composer and bandoneonist.

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